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Corporate Governance & Compliance


Jurisprudence, state authorities, law and economics as well as other relevant stakeholders agree that compliance management is one of the fundamental tasks of corporate management. The associates and executives of a company management team must therefore have sufficient knowledge of the core principles of compliance management in order to ensure that their monitoring, control and documentation obligations are met in order to avoid liability risks. The legality of the management team is fundamental.

Corporate Governance

BORIĆ & PARTNER takes a broad interpretation of the Term compliance when considering the legal culture in the company: This includes compliance with the relevant domestic and foreign legal regulations as well as all internal company regulations, such as statutes, rules of procedure, principles of delegation, strategic guidelines, work instructions, purchasing and anti-corruption procedures, accounting and accounting guidelines, employment contracts and the corporate governance principles documented in the Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics.

BORIĆ & PARTNER are Croatia's commercial lawyers  with a comprehensive stakeholder approach: they ensure that the elements of good corporate governance are includes in all communicating systems and processes of an organization, thereby protecting and promoting the interests of its most important stakeholder groups: customers, owners and employees, Suppliers, the state and the public.

Companies-wide Compliance

  • Legal advice to companies on corporate governance issues

  • Implementation of group-wide guidelines

  • Review of existing compliance programs and development of new ones

  • Further training of employees and / or board members regarding codes of conduct

Training Program

The training program of BORIĆ & PARTNER for employees, managing directors and members of the board of directors guarantees that the communicated rules and instructions are deeply anchored in the consciousness of the organization. The role and commitment of top management, executives and the supervisory body are also of paramount importance for the success of a compliance management system.

We are your legal partner of trust in all questions relating to compliance & corporate governance in your company.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Corporate Governance
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