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Das Erreichen eines Deal

Our Philosophy

Long-standing Advisory Skills

Professionalism, proactive action, international orientation and the individual needs of clients are the basis of support from BORIĆ & PARTNER. The Law Firm focuses on a first-class, but cost-effective range of services. Our team consists of specialists who enable BORIĆ & PARTNER to offer innovative solutions for the needs of clients in a constantly changing legal environment.

The extensive professional experience acquired throughout many years of legal and business practice, together with continuous investment in professional training and further education, guarantee the high quality of legal advice. BORIĆ & PARTNER is one of the leading law firms in Croatia. In addition, the philosophy of BORIĆ & PARTNER is the constant readiness to provide its clients with the best possible services in every legal matter in a timely manner.

With a high degree of flexibility, BORIĆ & PARTNER offers a trustworthy partner in all legal matters. Our aim is to maintain continuity within the framework of our legal assistance in the face of constant change in the legal situation. The high level of expertise, the highly professional way of working and the trustworthy service philosophy characterize BORIĆ & PARTNER in particular, and represent those strengths that clients have valued for many years.

Über uns: Über uns


Concise and precise, solution-oriented and goal-oriented: this characterizes our legal work in advisory practice.

That is the guiding principle of our legal work.

Innovation & Specialization

Customized solutions

BORIĆ & PARTNER is working on its versatility-based specialization with experience and sophisticated know-how that has grown over the years. The aim is to always understand tasks and issues before the overall economic context, and to develop customized solutions and results accordingly, always taking into consideration the fact that Croatia has been a member of the European Union since 2013, which in itself poses particular challenges for legal practice.

Successful legal advice and support require a high degree of professional competence, practical experience, entrepreneurial thinking, innovative strength and flexibility. BORIĆ & PARTNER has acquired these essential legal principles over the years and is constantly working on consolidating and developing them.

The focus of support is always the client and his, or her, respective task. BORIĆ & PARTNER relies on tailor-made solutions that are fully geared to the particular requirements of each case. Specialized knowledge and the highest professional quality, especially in the areas of commercial and company law, antitrust and competition law, public commercial law and European law, distinguish the business lawyers BORIĆ & PARTNER.

Über uns: Innovation und Spezialisierung
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