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Trusted Partner

Continuity and Reliability

As in our personal lives, trust is a fundamental value in the business world. It strengthens us as lawyers in our endeavor to act ethically.

The trust of our clients is one of the most valuable assets of BORIĆ & PARTNER and one of the secrets of our success. We are aware that trust is an obligation on our part, and this quality in our work over the years, has validated our reputation. At the same time, tradition obliges us to look ahead in order to be able to justify the trust of our clients to the same extent in the future. We are aware that continuity and reliability are cornerstones for trusting and successful cooperation in future challenges.

For BORIĆ & PARTNER, as part of our consulting work, being a trusted partner means offering you a solid foundation for the successful implementation of your business idea, and/or the legally optimal solution to your case in question.




The law firm BORIĆ & PARTNER is an active member of the German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as an exclusive member of the worldwide network "Cross Border Business Lawyers" (CBBL).

 Creditworthiness Certificate

We are extremely proud to be obtained the Creditworthiness certificate AAA, which is issued by the business-analytical company Dun & Bradstreet according to internationally recognized criteria for above-average credit rating.

The AAA certificate is based on an assessment by which credit rating agencies assess a company's creditworthiness over a long period of time on the basis of various criteria - including the assessment of solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and other risk criteria for doing business with a company. 

Trust lawyers

The law firm BORIĆ & PARTNER represents the Austrian and Swiss embassies in Croatia. Austrian and Swiss representation authorities can advise on civil, criminal and administrative matters abroad. The support in these areas ranges from arranging contacts to institutions and legal advisors in the respective country to supporting investment projects as well as criminal and detention cases.
BORIĆ & PARTNER provide the lawyers of trust.

We are your legal partner of trust.

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