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Experienced Legal Advice

The Law Firm BORIĆ & PARTNER Ltd. was founded in 2009. From 2002 to 2009, Ms. Mirjana Borić, a lawyer, led the law firm as an individual attorney.


​Since 2002, the founder of the firm, Mirjana Borić (1961-2015), focused on the competence of commercial law through her personal commitment and intensive international contacts. By advising well-known Austrian and German companies, BORIĆ & PARTNER has established long-term, solid client relationships. In more recent years, the network has expanded to the entire DACH region through the inclusion of Switzerland.

Mirjana Borić's vision and enthusiasm to create added value for her clients, to develop individual solutions at the highest professional level for the cases brought to the law firm, coupled with her commitment to attain the best results possible, have formed the foundation of the law firm from its outset.

To the Point

The white point in our logo

The white dot in the BORIĆ & PARTNER logo symbolizes several aspects of our philosophy: On the one hand, the dot stands for the variety of white spots in a legal system that is expressed in one way or another in every country. On the other hand, this point reflects our claim "to the point". Concise and precise, but always solution and goal-oriented: this is how our legal work in advisory practice should be, and it is one of the guiding principle of our legal work.

Finally, the white dot should also illustrate that we strive as part of our daily work to find individual, innovative solutions that are geared to the interests of our clients, especially in those areas in which legal practice has not yet developed to the same extent, as may be seen due to EU membership. In this sense, we are often breaking new legal ground. Together with our clients, we are pleased to see it as a contribution to improving legal certainty in Croatia if we are once again able to remove a blank spot in relation to a legal issue.

With this in mind, we always strive to meet another of our guiding principles: “one step ahead”.  Always one step ahead. Move forward with us, we are your personal legal partner of trust!

Text: To the Point
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