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From the World of Business Law Experts: News summarized concisely

Welcome to "To the Point" by BORIĆ & PARTNER, your place for interesting and up-to-date news from the world of law and beyond.

As leading business lawyers in Croatia, we see ourselves as comprehensive legal advisors that go beyond just offering consulting services. We want to give you insight into the world of law and keep you informed about general societal and economic developments.

From the World of Business Law Experts

One step ahead

As part of our mission to be "one step ahead" and anticipate legal trends and developments, we also want to accompany you with innovative approaches and new ways. One thing we can reveal: "One Step Further" - coming soon.

But that is only a part of what we have in store for you at "To the Point" by BORIĆ & PARTNER. Our articles will also cover other important topics in the field of law, from company formations to complex contract negotiations, from real estate investments to the challenges of labor law, from compliance to maritime law. We want to provide you with insights into the legal challenges that companies in Croatia and beyond face, and show you how to master these challenges.

So stay tuned and let yourself be inspired by "To the Point" by BORIĆ & PARTNER!

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